WARNING !!!! DUNE DU PYLA (PILAT) Oyats planting work, 
In order to slowdown the inland move of the dune, some important planting work was done within the “Gaillouneys” sector during the winter (This is the South part of the Dune, starting from Bunker on the beach). As a result, the paragliding activities are impacted in that area.
Out of the two bowls of “Gaillouneys”  that used to be compatible with paragliding, only the lower part of the West Bowl (Combe Ouest) remains usable for takeoff and landing. The other areas have been “vegetated”.
The Oyats plants (Dune Herbs) are extremely sensitive and should absolutely not be stepped on at younger age. If we can be confident that most of paragliding pilots will pay attention to these areas, it is to be feared that in the summer rush, a minority might not comply with the restrictions, resulting in site destruction and in bad relationships with the official authorities managing the site and putting its usage at risks.
The lower part of the West Bowl is quite technical and is used heavily by professional tandem pilots. The narrowing of the usable space will increase the incident risk level.
Thus, in order to both improve security and plantation protection, it is recommended for less experienced pilots to fly preferably the “Grande Dune” area.
Please find here the pictures.
Didier Bouquillard,
“La Teste Pyla Vol Libre” club president

Dear visitors,

Welcome to the wonderful paragliding site, the “Dune du Pyla”.

Here, you will learn what wagas mean, as well as soaring along the beautiful and marvelous sand coast, for long hours.

But don’t forget we need your help to maintain this site, accessible and enjoyable for all paragliders.

You will find below the few rules, to keep in mind when flying in this special place : “the sand dune is fragile, please respect it”

Thank you for visiting us, and we wish you a pleasant flight !

The paragliding club of Pyla Dune


From Bordeaux city, take the motorway to Arcachon. Then, in La Teste de Buch city, turn right to Biscarosse. When you arrive at Pyla Dune car park, several ways are allowed to access the site – refer to the map :

  1. From “Robinsons” beach (map)
  2. From “Petit Nice” car park – free (map)

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Site regulations

  1. Take-off and landing areas :
    • From 15th June to 15th September, it is allowed to take off and land at the below zones – refer to the map:
      • In the South, around 50 meters north of swimming regulated area, on “Petit Nice” beach (near “Petit Nice” car park)
      • In the North, around 50 meters south of swimming regulated area, on “La Corniche” beach (near the famous “La Corniche” restaurant)

      Outside this period, it is allowed to flight in the north, up to 100 meters from “La Corniche” houses.

  2. Flight over Arguin sandbank is totally forbidden. This site is classified as Natural Reserve.
  3. It is mandatory to wear a helmet.

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  1. Don’t forget your speed bar ! The wind can grow up fastly, and trap you. Don’t hesitate to have a look at the sea and the sky, it will warn you about a possible wind strenghthening.
  2. It is strongly recommended to wear shoes : the sand hides some sharp objects, as broken glasses (and by the way please do not litter).
  3. The site is particularly crowded in summer period : please, respect the paragliding priorities, as well as security distances. Ensure your path is clear before making the turn.

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The site is classified in a protected natural area: its balance is weak.

Please, respect fellow paragliders, and fellow dune users, as well as the natural wildlife (panels, barriers, …)

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